Samar Abu Elouf is a freelance photojournalist based in...
Samar Abu Elouf is a freelance photojournalist based in Gaza.
مصور فوتوغرافي مستقل

Samar Abu Alouf, a Palestinian photographer residing in the Gaza Strip. Her work is primarily focused on the Gaza Strip, given the issues that stem from her personal experience with gender, women and children, and the consequences of the war.

As of 2010 - 2012-2014, she has been working as an independent freelance photographer, assigned by Reuters and others.
Abu Alouf's main focus was on her ongoing project, "On the Life of Women in Gaza."

Samar Abu Elouf / Photojournalist

Samar Abu Elouf is a female Palestinian photojournalist covering the Gaza Strip.
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